Laugh Responsibly

Yuma Way LLC (“Yuma”) – is rapidly growing cannabis enterprise. Yuma Way LLC opened its first dispensary in 2016 and grew exponentially over the next three years. In that time, we have opened an additional four dispensaries, two cultivation facilities and a licensed cannabis social consumption establishment. 

We are conducting our business activities in the state of Colorado across four local municipalities – Denver, Glendale, Longmont, Commerce City and unincorporated Adams County. 

Yuma Way LLC’s core mission is to advocate for responsible consumption, grow cannabis awareness, and promote research and education in the cannabis industry. Our company continually strives to advance the reputation of the marijuana industry by working with accredited universities and research institutions, in addition to governmental agencies, regulators and industry stakeholders. 

Locations Within Front Range

Yuma Way operates several dispensaries, a grow facility, and a public consumption lounge in the Denver Metro area. Our company serves our local communities medical and recreational marijuana industries while empowering our staff and management to make an impact. We believe as leaders in the industry in our power to make change for good. 

Each of our dispensaries has it’s own unique flavor and culture that is rooted directly in the communities we serve and many of them have murals and art curated by local denver artists. 

Yuma Way and Cannabis Education

Yuma Way, LLC is proud to operate Denver’s First Licensed Public Consumption lounge: The Coffee Joint. With a real passion and  dedication to educating people, The Coffee Joint instructs patrons on how to safely and responsibly consume cannabis and marijuana products. The Coffee Joint also offers a vast selection of CBD products, ranging from muscle creams to dog treats. 

Look inside for plenty of useful information on cannabis and where to consume cannabis in Colorado as someone from out of town.

Yuma Way in the Media

Yuma Way LLC and The Coffee Joint have been featured in local and national news programs, radio broadcasts, podcasts, as well as numerous print publications. As a result, our dispensaries have quickly grown into highly-trafficked establishments. The Coffee Joint has become the go-to spot for consumption and education.

"Twin Peaks Dispensary goes beyond simply expressing appreciation for the receptive welcome, and is working together with the City of Longmont, the Chamber of Commerce and neighboring businesses to make Longmont the best place to live."
"I left thinking that it had the potential to be the coolest, most chill workplace in a city full of chill workplaces."
“This way, if my friends and I want to eat a brownie and chill out with a cup of coffee, we can do that,” Santos said. “Sounds like a nice afternoon.”
Daily Hampshire Gazette

Social Equity Efforts

The heavily regulated multi-billion dollar Colorado cannabis industry is one that is constantly evolving and is not for the faint of heart.

New testing and regulatory requirements put less sophisticated operators out of business, and yet the ownership and management team of Yuma Way LLC has not only adapted to these changes but have managed to become industry leaders; partnering with state and local governments to develop enhanced regulations and best practices by participating in workgroups and study sessions.

With five retail locations, two cultivation facilities and a social cannabis consumption lounge, we are adept at digesting and incorporating local municipality regulations as well as broader state legislature.