We believe in the de-stigmatization of cannabis consumption and making cannabis available to all

Our approach in making cannabis accessible to everyone is by offering a variety of products- flower, concentrate, topics, edibles- at low, competitive prices. We want our dispensary customers to choose their own adventure in cannabis without a financial barrier. We house a variety of brands and a plethora of products at a variety of price tiers to meet our customers’ needs and wants.

We house some of Colorado’s best and most reputable brands; Chebba Chews, Eureka, Natty Rems, Focused Labs (FLO), Veritas Fine Cannabis, Olio, Lazercat, Wyld, Cookies (grown by Veritas), Viola, Binske, Evolab, Green Dot Labs, Love’s Oven, Devour.

Our dispensaries are spread across the Denver metro-area, easily within reach! Currently we have locations in; Denver, Glendale, Longmont, Arvada, and Commerce City.

Our journey to de-stigmatize cannabis consumption first came to fruition with the opening of The Coffee Joint. As Denver’s First Licensed Social Consumption Lounge, the partners at Yuma Way strategically decided to mold the lounge into an educational center where patrons can consume cannabis and learn about the cannabis plant, gain knowledge about the different cannabinoids, and become versed in terpene profiles.

Your Neighborhood Dispensaries

Since 2015 Yuma Way dispensaries have set out to achieve one thing: make cannabis accessible to all.

Our first location was 1136 Yuma Dispensary located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of downtown Denver. Originally, 1136 Yuma Dispensary operated as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, but currently only sells to recreational customers.

Cherry Peak Dispensary located at Cherry Peak Plaza in Glendale, Colorado became Yuma Way’s first Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary.

In 2018, Yuma Way had the opportunity to open Denver’s First Licensed Social Consumption Lounge: The Coffee Joint. The establishment was the first of its kind and served to put Yuma Way on the map as a pioneer in the cannabis industry. The Coffee Joint continues to allow patrons to vaporize flower, e-nail dab concentrate, consume edibles inside its premise as well as purchase CBD products, snacks, and drinks.

In early 2019 Twin Peaks Dispensary became the first Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Longmont, Colorado. The dispensary now serves both Medical Marijuana patients and Recreational Marijuana patrons.

Berkeley Dispensary was opened thereafter in the Berkeley neighborhood of Arvada, Colorado. This dispensary also became the first Yuma Way dispensary with a customized mural by Derek Carpenter (Art Of One).

With our latest location, Canna City Dispensary, we begin to branch out past Denver, Colorado. Located in Commerce City, Colorado, Canna City signifies to Yuma Way the posibilities that the future in cannabis has in store for us and our customers.

Thank you for your support, kindness and reception.

Laugh Responsibly.

Yuma Way Team

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