VAPING vs Smoking: What’s the difference?

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For any inexperienced cannabis consumer it may be hard to spot the differences between smoking flower and vaping. For more experienced consumers it’s a lot easier to notice the differences between the two. So why do the experienced effects of cannabis vary between smoking and vaping?

When you’re smoking cannabis it’s heating up the cannabis past the combustion temperature between 400 – 425 degrees. The flame on a lighter burns at around 550 degrees and combusts the cannabinoids as well as the plant material itself. Combustion also creates an excess Co2 which is inhaled with other toxic carcinogens that can create a stronger sedative more cerebral effect, especially directly after consumption. 

Vaping on the other hand never surpasses any temperatures high enough to reach combustion and does not break down any of the actual plant material. Instead when vaporized, cannabis flower only heats up enough to vaporize the cannabinoids which is anywhere between 290 – 340 degrees. We think it’s important to offer a variety of vaporizers to our customers like the PAX series. Designed with airflow in mind, customers have reported smoother hits and a more flavorful experience using the PAX 2 or the PAX 3 when vaping cannabis flower.

Most people are more familiar with vaping concentrated cannabis like distillate, live resin or rosin. Cannabis extracts like the live resin found inside Green Dot Labs PAX Pods are often also sensitive to temperature when being vaped. This is why The PAX Era has 4 different temperatures and uses a similar airflow system to the PAX 2 and PAX 3 to ensure maximum flavor every session.

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