Cannabis Micro Dosing

Sometimes less is actually more! That’s especially true when it comes to the benefits of cannabis. When you raise the dose of any cannabinoids it often can lead to diminishing effects. Which is why a lot of people turn to Micro-dosing cannabis instead! By only using a small amount of THC those who micro-dose reap all medical benefits of cannabis without any overpowering psychoactive effect.

Featured Product: Smokiez Cannabis Infused Watermelon Fruit Chews

Available in 6 different markets, Smokiez Gummies is one of the fastest growing edible manufacturing companies in the cannabis industry. Wondering why dispensaries can’t seem to keep them on their shelves? It’s because Smokiez Fruit Chews are simply delicious and consistently dosed! Using a proprietary formula and high clarity extract there is an easy edible to micro dose.

Smokiez Edible Fruit Chews are offered in 10 packs of 100mg, meaning that each Fruit Chew is 10mg by itself. If you’re new cannabis this is not the dose for you! If you’re more familiar with cannabis starting with half a fruit chew in the morning and then half a fruit chew later in the afternoon should be a good micro-dose. Monitor how your body responds to find your perfect balance!

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