Big Ol’ thermos of THC

We’re a month deep into winter and it’s cold, especially for Denver. Those early morning frenzied jogs between the house and the car are really starting to lose their luster. And if you’re an avid flower smoker like myself, you’re probably getting tired of having to throw on a coat just to smoke a bowl. So, just like with everything in life its adapt or die; Or in this case adapt or don’t get high.

Featured Product

Athelas is a Denver based manufacturing company that focuses on making all natural cannabis infused powders and mixes. Combining wholesome simple ingredients and solventless extracted hash Athelas creates delicious tasting consistently dosed edible powders.

As most stoners know combating the cold is not a new problem. However the solutions to the problem have become endless and innovative within the last 5 years. One of my favorite innovations has to be Athelas 100mg Hot Cocoa Mixes. Easily poured into a thermos, this delicious drink mix is the perfect method at staying warm through the spring!

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