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GKUA Ultra Premium

“Smoking only the best” really just comes down to quality control and how the cannabis plant was cared for post-harvest. What makes GKUA Ultra Premium unique is their close partnership with Harmony Extracts. Responsible for handpicking the selected strains from the best cultivators in Colorado, Harmony provides an extra layer of quality control not seen before with any other celebrity cannabis brand. This level of quality control is reflected in the flavor and experience for both GKUA’s prepackaged Flower 1/8th’s and the Live Resin Pods

On the release date in Colorado GKUA featured six different strains grown by Bonsai Cultivation including Rotten Cherries, Sex Grenade, Cherry Tropicanna, Wedding Cake, Gelato, Mac N Cheese and Tangidos. In addition to the flower being hand selected, GKUA will also be rotating their strain list and cultivator every drop which will allow consumers to “get inspired” to try new strains!

Have you tried any GKUA strains from the first Colorado drop? The two favorites amongst the staff at Yuma Way dispensaries have been Rotten Cherries and Sex Grenade, but let us know what you think! All our Yuma Way stores are already looking forward to the next drop! 

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