Head Over Heels for Hash: DABLOGIC at Yuma Way Dispensaries

Love is in the air and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching we thought it’d be appropriate to proclaim our love for purity and flavor that can only be found in hashish. Cannabis concentrates have grown in popularity in recent years and consumers are beginning to regularly ask for solventless extracts like bubble hash, live rosin and rosin lava.

Ranging in consistency from doughy badders to honey like sap, Solventless Hash Oil (SHO) comes in a variety of consistencies which accommodate all dabbing preferences. Crafted simply, using only ice, water, heat and pressure throughout the extraction process. Resulting in rich creamy wash made up of only the purest heads thats then delicately heated at unmatched low temps, pressed and refined. 

The DABLOGIC crew continues to grow our affinity to SHO as they have tasked themselves in using proven solventless extraction methods in order to provide us with the purest form of cannabis concentrate available. Explore Dablogic’s selection of products included in our diverse selection cannabis extracts available at all Yuma Way Colorado locations

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