Cannapunch at yuma way dispensaries

Edibles have come a long way in the past five years and have evolved way past the traditional brownies and cookies most are familiar with. The cannabis industry and the rapid innovations that come with it mean consumers have an opportunity to try new products regularly. A particular product category that has taken off in popularity within the past year is infused cannabis beverages.

Taking the time to develop a consistently dosed and pleasant tasting infused beverage is easier said than done. One company that found success at creating a delicious recipe early on is Cannapunch, a Colorado based cannabis products manufacturer. Their line of non carbonated Cannabis Infused Beverages are perfect for being made into individually dosed ice cubes.

Easily poured into two separate ice trays, one full 100mg Cannapunch drink will nicely divide twenty separate 5mg ice cubes. After letting the trays sit inside a freezer for 60-90 minutes, your infused ice cubes are ready to be mixed into any non infused beverage. This is an excellent edible option for anyone looking for a slow gradual onset of effects!
Check out the full lineup of Cannapunch infused beverages at any of our Yuma Way Stores here in Colorado!

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