WANA QUICK:fast Edible onset time

Not all cannabis gummies are the same. That’s especially when it comes to their onset times. An onset time is the amount of time it takes to begin experiencing the effect of an edible. Onset times have usually acted as a deterrent for most new to cannabis consumers. If you’re normally used to more traditional consumption methods like smoking a joint or a bong, then we have an edible for you!

Something unique about Wana’s Fast Acting gummies compared to most others on the market is its consistent 5-15 minute onset time making the effects feel very similar to a smokers high. the effect of these happy hour flavored gummies bring on a stronger more cerebral like high. With fast onset times these edibles are perfect for sunrise yoga or a morning hike. Also available in a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, these 5mg fast acting gummies will have a duration period of around 2-4 hours. Unlike other Wana Gummies, the fast act gummies are only available in Sativa or Indica.

It’s important to keep Wana Quick Fast Acting Gummies in a cool dark place just like you would with another cannabis edibles. All Wana gummies have a shelf life of 1 year.You can find Wana Quick: Fast Acting Gummies and all other Wana products at all Yuma Way dispensaries.

Be sure to ask your Yuma Way budtender about amazing deals on all Wana products now through February 28th.

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