AiroPro Vapor System

510 thread batteries are considered standard in the cartridge community. In an effort to maximize vapor production and increase customer satisfaction,  Airo Brands designed a cartridge-to-battery system that sweeps everyone by their feet. 

The magnetic connection is different from 510 cartridges and  delivers three times the amount of vapor. The ceramic atomizer and cellulose wicking system help provide consumers with satisfying flavorful hits. Unlike most other vaporizers AiroPro does not use buttons to activate their AiroPod cartridges. Instead, AiroPro uses a technology called Haptic Feedback which indicates cartridge activation with a single pulse. Two pulses in a row mean that only 5% battery remains. 

What does each color on the AiroPro battery mean? If the Halo is flashing red ten times in a row your vaporizer needs to be charged. After removing the cartridge from the AiroPro battery insert the micro-USB into its slot at the bottom of the battery. The Halo Light will pulse Green once the AiroPro battery is fully charged. If your battery is repeatedly pulsing five times in a row this means that there is possibly a connection issue. To be sure, clean your vaporizer. 

Having the ability to change between AiroPro‚Äôs line of different cartridges enables consumers to switch between strains with ease. Customers can experience distillate oil or live resin in a variety of strains. 

How long each AiroPro cartridge lasts is up to you! Depending on how many times you consecutively draw, a .5g distillate or live resin cartridge will last anywhere between ~125 to 150~ hits. Because the AiroPro Vaporizers operate with an 8.5 watt output it will provide consumers with a two second hit that provides maximum flavor and vapor.

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