Best cannabis strains at Yuma Way

Having a diverse genetics library is important to us at Yuma Way. Recently our cultivation team went through the process of switching out a majority of original strains we started growing back in 2015. Hand selected by our head grower, our new genetics library mostly brand new strains chosen for there higher testing potencies and more complex terpene profiles.
This was a long process like that took a ton of dedication, hard work and consistency by each member of our cultivation team. We wanted to show off our team’s hard work with a list featuring all our new best Colorado genetics!

1.) MAC N’ Cheese

Genetic ross: Miracle Alien Cookies x Alien Cheese

A parent cross between Miracle Alien Cookies and Alien Cheese, MAC N’ Cheese is well known for its earthy-skunk like aroma. Categorized as a hybrid, MAC N’ Cheese is a high testing strain with big flavor best consumed later in the afternoon or closer to the evening. As its popularity grew over the last year here in Colorado, our cultivation team thought that MAC N’ Cheese’s flavor profile would be an excellent addition to our current strain line up. MAC N’ Cheese pairs nicely with a relaxing evening around the bon fire or on the couch.

2.) Runtz

Genetic cross: Zkittles x Gelato

A strain that needs no introduction but if you’re new here, this is Runtz! The winner of Leafly’s Strain of the year in 2020 and famous for its candy like aroma Runtz is strain has truly become a cultural phenomenon. Originally bred by Cookies, Runtz is a parent cross between Zkittles and Gelato creating a unique indica leaning hybrid. Now grown by many cultivation companies here in Colorado, customers are always interested in trying the strain. Most report a very unique body high, like getting a massage while sitting inside a hot tub on top of a mountain, which sounds like a nice way to end the day.

3.) Gelato

Genetic cross: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

One of the strains from our original genetics library and a fan favorite on Colorado dispensary shelves, Gelato has always been staff favorite at Yuma Way. Crossing well known parent strains Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato brings on a euphoric  high accompanied by a nice body buzz. Depending on the conditions this strain can be hard to grow which is why it can be listed at higher prices per pound than other strains. If your weekend plans involve being outside in the sun it’d be criminal not to have some Gelato while you soak in some rays.

4.) Wedding Cake

Genetic cross: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies

Yet another Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) cross, Wedding Cake has been a longtime favorite with Colorado customers. Originally a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake really begins to beef up and put out bakery sweet aromas similar to one of its parent stains, Cherry Pie. This indica leaning hybrid is a fan favorite for many reasons especially for its infamous relaxing body high.

5.) Borealis

Genetic cross: Northern Lights #10 and Skunk #1

A lesser known strain we grow is called Borealis which is named in reference to one of its parents, Northern Lights #10. It’s by far the easiest strain to recognize when it reaches the flowering stages of its life cycle. The result of crossing Northern Lights #10 and Skunk #1 created a strain that grows tall like a sativa but dark and resinous like an indica. Taking the best from both its parents, Borealis brings on a light body high accompanied with a creative euphoric feeling.

Have you had the opportunity to try any of our new strains? Be on the lookout as they become available at all our Colorado Yuma Way locations!

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