SHOP GKUA Ultra Premium Cannabis

“Smoking only the best” really just comes down to quality control and how the cannabis plant was cared for post-harvest. What makes GKUA Ultra Premium unique is their close partnership with Harmony Extracts. Responsible for handpicking the selected strains from the best cultivators in Colorado, Harmony provides an extra layer of quality control not seen … Read more

Big Ol’ thermos of THC

We’re a month deep into winter and it’s cold, especially for Denver. Those early morning frenzied jogs between the house and the car are really starting to lose their luster. And if you’re an avid flower smoker like myself, you’re probably getting tired of having to throw on a coat just to smoke a bowl. … Read more

Cannabis Micro Dosing

Sometimes less is actually more! That’s especially true when it comes to the benefits of cannabis. When you raise the dose of any cannabinoids it often can lead to diminishing effects. Which is why a lot of people turn to Micro-dosing cannabis instead! By only using a small amount of THC those who micro-dose reap … Read more

VAPING vs Smoking: What’s the difference?

For any inexperienced cannabis consumer it may be hard to spot the differences between smoking flower and vaping. For more experienced consumers it’s a lot easier to notice the differences between the two. So why do the experienced effects of cannabis vary between smoking and vaping? When you’re smoking cannabis it’s heating up the cannabis … Read more