Intro to Cannabis Lingo 101

Are you new to consuming cannabis A.K.A. marijuana? Do you want to improve your cannabis terminology? We have compiled a list of introduction words often used in dispensaries and in the stoner community when talking about cannabis products or consuming cannabis. ‘Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce’ First things first, it is important to know the … Read more

Finding Your Favorite High With Terpenes

The most popular way to categorize cannabis strains has always been the old Sativa-Hybrid-Indica breakdowns. But is this categorization method out dated? A lot of cannabis connoisseurs would argue that it is. So how do you know which strain is going to provide you with the most enjoyable high? Grouping cannabis based on their terpene … Read more

Joint Rolling 101

The smoke circle is a tradition passed down through generations that connects us all. This time old ritual starts with one very important element, the joint. For many stoners learning to roll a joint is a badge of honor on their path of cannabis discovery. But with so many ways to consume its easy for … Read more

Effective Ways to Produce High Quality Cannabis Photos

For newly founded cannabis brands it can be difficult capturing high quality photos without a big production budget. So how can smaller marijuana brands compete with more well established companies? This guide will provide effective ways for brands to produce high quality photos with any smartphone or DSLR.

So keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what camera equipment you’re using, in 2020 good photos are easy to take. If you pair good photos with quality information and you have a recipe for success. So read on to become a master of the “Pot Shot”.